Southeastern AAU Taekwondo
Me + One Divison
Ages 3-5

The Me+One Division was created to give beginners the opportunity to experience a tournament and learn the excitment of competition.  It is only for children ages 3-5 years of age.  This age is determined by their age on 12/31/22 for this division. Children competing in this division will not qualify for competitng in any AAU National event.

This division offers Olympic Sparring or Point Sparring, Bracketed Forms and Board Breaking.

The cost for a child to participate in this division is $35 for 1 event. Additional events are $10 each .  Coaches/School Owners wishing to register athletes in this division must contact Master Debra Hooper at 615-310-0020 or by email at by March 14 to register their student. The athlete must be a current AAU member by this date.

Me + One Rules:

One coach per athlete will be allowed to assist their athlete in both forms (including weapons forms) and board breaking.

Forms:  Coach may call out moves to athlete to assist them in completing the forms. They may also do the form with the athlete.

Board Breaking:  Coach may give instructions on how to break the board and even demonstrate the move.  Only basic breaks are allowed in this division.  Boards will be available for these athletes at the venue. 

Athlete may compete in either Point Sparring or Olympic Sparring.  Coaches will be allowed to call time out to talk to the athlete during the match.  No more than 2 time outs requested per athlete per match. Matches will be 2 - one minute rounds.

Children who are 5 years old can compete in qualifying divisions by registering on line and paying the full registration fee.  If they place in the top 8 in their division they will qualify for Nationals and Junior Olympics.